Successful interior design is the result of connecting with my client's needs and wish list by creating significant results that meet their expectations and go beyond the imagination of four simple walls. My work begins by listening to my client and then creatively manipulating the elements of space planning, scale, proportion, texture, lighting, surface materials and comfortable furnishings that transform your personal home into your unique residence.

Projects range from a simple room to entire homes from the ground up. Form follows function and space requires redefinition as our needs and tastes evolve and change. I search for innovative new ideas that answer to your personal needs. My overall style is based upon clean lines that create a statement of simple luxury. I take the ordinary and transform it to the extraordinary. The spaces that I create range from modern or transitional to elaborately detailed traditional interiors. I always strive to capture the essence of my client, guiding you through the process form initial concept design to flawless execution. I strive to make it an easy and enjoyable process. Art and design have always been my passion.


Alan Kosa received his Interior Design degree at Parson's School of Design in New York. His undergraduate education includes a degree in Fine Arts and Education. He has worked successfully with many leading design firms and major corporations for residential, retail and hospitality design. He travels globally in his passionate quest for new and directional design.